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New   Private Viewing
You can now call and make an appointment to view a selection of my work in my private gallery. Please call or contact me via E-Mail several days to a week in advance. Upon making the appointment, please let me know if there are subjects, portfolios, or works of particular interest. 

TEL: 0173 2522-455. E-Mail


Two of my “Dance With Nature” works will be on view in the Livingston & Abbot Low Galleries of Bristol Art Museum

February 4th – March 24, 2024

2024 National Juried Exhibit
Breadth & Depth
Earth, Water, Air, and Fire
Sponsored by The Brito Family Foundation

Breadth and Depth: Earth, Water, Air, Fire is a national juried exhibit that challenges conventional boundaries, inviting artists to create artwork that expresses ideas about the natural world. The goal with this exhibition is to venture into the intricate interplay between the elemental forces of nature and the profound depths of human consciousness.

Bristol Art Museum Gallery Hours     Thursday- Sunday 1:00-4:00pm
​​10 Wardwell Street

​Bristol, RI 02809


Friday the 27th-Sunday the 29th of October, 2023   Parallax Art Fair, Old Chelsea Kensington Town Hall, London

Place :                       Kensington Chelsea Town Hall. Hornton St (off Kensington High Street) Kensington London W8 7NX United Kingdom.

                                  Two of my oil works are shown and offered for sale in space 5. This is located directly in the entry area, before going into the 

                                  main hall. You can ask for the location at the information area. Space 5 is right next door to the restaurant.

Opening times:       Saturday October 28, 12.30 - 7pm

                                 Sunday October 29, 11 AM to 5 PM.

link to free ticket!


A tribute to my  teacher ,  Artist Mitch Billis

In 2021 a wonderful artist and family friend left this world. I am very thankful to my friend and mentor Mitch Billis for his support and friendship. Particularly in the areas of design and painting in oil his instruction and critique were invaluable. He encouraged me to ignore ego and trends. At the end of conversations and emails, he always wished me "Happy Painting". This is what I wish for him, wherever he may be.  Mitch was a unique individual. He was one of the rare artists who actually lived from his artwork. One time I visited him in Maine and we spent the day doing plein air paintings. I was staying with Mitch and his wife Kathleen, and asked when mealtime was. He replied, "Whenever you are hungry"! Mitch was a rare individual who lived his life differently from what was expected. He was well known in the area, and treated anyone who approached him with friendly respect. He is missed.                         Jacklyn Gratzfeld    March 2022



My work was captured well in my five-minute interview in a Film showing highlights of Durlach-Art. You can catch my interview from 1:04:40 to 1:09:40 in this Film. One visitor to the exhibit made a comment that I appreciated. She said that my work exudes serenity in polarized times. Meine Arbeit ist in einer Film über den Highlights aus Durlach-Art gezeigt. Mein 5 Minuten Interview kann Mann vom 1:04:40 bis 1:09:40 zusehen. Ein Besucher sagte "meiner Arbeit strahlt eine schöne Ruhe aus in einer angespannter Zeit". Das hat mir sehr gefallen!



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