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Jacklyn Gratzfeld

Fine Art


  My goal is to combine Art with the preservation of Nature. I want to create and celebrate beauty and emotion, and give a voice to the part of Nature that cannot speak.

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Jacklyn Gratzfeld Fine Art

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My latest “Skylight” Series reflects a perfect moment when we feel that we are a part of Nature. The form traced out by the blue sky represents the central theme of the skylight. In these skylights, wild forms of plants and varieties cultivated by man co-exist. I believe that allowing and supporting this co-existence is the key to saving endangered plant and animal species and all life on earth.

The American Artist Jacklyn Gratzfeld has lived in New York State, Connecticut, Germany and Singapore. She was born in Ilion, New York in 1961. Since July of 2015 she again resides in Southwest Germany.

Her works are mainly found in private collections in the United States, Asia and Europe.
Parallel to her exhibitions she sometimes gives photo presentations which focus on animals, ecology and Art. She completes a children´s workshop on these themes yearly. In 2019 she took time out from exhibiting to finish writing and illustrating the biography of an Asian elephant. This will be available in 2020 in English and German.

She works mainly in oil and pastel. Her subject matter is found in nature. She travels extensively to gather inspiration for her artwork visiting National Parks and animal conservation projects and sanctuaries, combining Art with the preservation of nature. Jacklyn is an Artist member of the Southern Palatinate Art Guild in Germany and View Arts, the Art Society of Old Forge, New York.

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Selection of Exhibitions by Jacklyn Gratzfeld


2019“Share the Bounty” | New Studio for the Visual Arts
 Palm Beach County, Florida
2018“Neues aus den Ateliers” | LDX Artodrome Gallerie | Collective Exhibition
 Berlin, Malta, Hong Kong
2017Art Week Berlin | Collective Exhibition
 Berlin, Germany
2016“Edition IV” | LDX Artodrome Gallerie | Collective Exhibition
 Berlin, Malta, Hong Kong
 Schönheit“ | Galerie M Beck | Collective Exhibition
Homburg, Germany
 Hilfe Kunst | LDX Artodrome Gallerie
 Berlin, Germany
2015Seletar Country Club
 Endangered | International Art and Photography Exhibition | Collective Exhibition
 Miami, Florida, USA
2014AAF with Maya Gallery Singapore** | Collective Exhibition
 Art Collective | Maya Gallery | Collective Exhibition
2013Art Collective | Maya Gallery | Collective Exhibition
 Endangered | International Art and Photography Exhibition | Collective Exhibition
2012Ambassade de Provence | Solo Exhibition Toulon France
 Toulon, France
2011Regierungspräsidium Rheinland-Pfalz | Solo Exhibition
 Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße, Germany
 Ausstellung in the Afrikahaus | Solo Exhibition
 Heidelberg, Germany
2010Trippstadter Schloß | Solo Exhibition
 Trippstadt, Germany
2008Manhattan Arts | Juried Collective International Online Exhibition
 New York, USA *** | Best in Painting
2007Pastel Painters of Maine | Collective International Juried Exhibition
 Maine, USA

**Maya received the Best Asian Contemporary Art Gallery of the Year Award in 2014 by the Singapore National Critics Choice. In 2019 it was listed as one of the Top 10 galleries in Singapore. Click here to view “Top 10 Art Galleries in Singapore”

***Her self-portrait “The Night” was selected by Manhattan Arts International 2007/2008 “Best in Oil Painting”.


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